Monday, April 24, 2017

Thriving In Spite of

Houseplants shrivel in my home—either from not enough water or too much.  Not enough light or too much.  I don’t sing to them, or notice that the soil is depleted and something white has crusted over the top of the dirt.  They tend to get attention when my daughter-in-law visits and exclaims, “Mom!  These plants are gasping for water!” 
            So, it was astounding to me when buds from last year’s neglected orchid began to open up, one-by-one showing such perfect shape, color and design.  I get so excited every time I look at it!  They actually survived under my…umm…care.  Okay…in spite of.
            Isn’t that a lot like us human beings?  In spite of neglect, abuse, and life circumstances…we thrive.  I love the title of Joyce Meyer’s book, From Ashes to Beauty.  Just the title says so much—in spite of something dark and dirty, beauty thrives.
            That’s what I see happening when a person confronts their demons:  From the fear and pain; darkness and secrets…they discover their truth.  Their beauty.  Their freedom.
            I hope you see that beauty unfold in the characters in Tethered to Shadow.

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