Monday, March 23, 2020

Inspired by Goodness of People in Time of Hysteria

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I’m seeing such kindness in the midst of these uncertain times—people going out of their way to show thoughtfulness to others, including strangers.  It inspires and humbles me to witness this grace in the midst of hysteria.  And don’t we need that inspiration?  That reassurance of the goodness of people?  I know when I see the masses rushing to grab the limited supply of goods, there’s an instinctual response inside me that threatens to join the mob.  Maybe they’re wiser than me.  Maybe they have inside information.  Maybe I’m not taking this serious enough. 
            And then I remember, God has not called me to act out of fear or self preservation over others.  He’s called me to love and to serve.  So, the response of self-preservation is fleeting, and I settle back into balance, assessing need v. want, sufficient v. abundant, self v. community, fear v. love.
            I would love to hear what inspires you?  Share your stories of kindness during this time of distress—they will inspire others.

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