About Me

Judy Hudson has been writing for many years—technical, administrative, and humorous material.  However, when she edited and published her grandmother’s historic manuscript, White Wool and Yellow Gold, she became inspired to write fiction.  And what an adventure it has been!  She has merged her experience of living in Southeast Alaska with stories of ordinary people entangled in webs of haunting memories, behaviors, and thought processes that keep them tethered to painful pasts.           
            As a Clinical Social Worker, Judy was privileged to counsel people from all walks of life as they untangled truth from lies and distortions.  One of her favorite therapeutic modalities was group therapy where people, previously unknown to each other, engaged in small groups to experience trust, boundaries, relationship, and autonomy.  These people personified courage and vindication as they confronted pain and determined new directions for their lives.
            Judy wanted to honor their courage by creating stories with fictional characters and events that would give hope to others.  The result is her first novel, Tethered to Shadows: The Healing Journey of Six.  She is presently working on the sequel.
            Judy lives on a small farm in southwest Idaho where she and her husband treasure the changing seasons and wildlife that thrive in their rural setting.  She spends time with her family, gardening, line dancing, and learning more about what a great God we serve.

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